A beautiful little library is tucked into the woods 90 miles away from NYC

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A beautiful little library is tucked into the woods 90 miles away from NYC

This private library by British visual artist Jason Koxvold is the perfect retreat for book lovers.

Passionate bibliophiles often daydream about having their perfect reading nook to get cozy and curl up with a new favorite book. Well, there's a little hidden private library in Ellenville, New York that would make a perfect hideaway.

Created by British visual artist Jason Koxvold and Studio Padro in 2014, it's called Hemmelig Rom, which is Norwegian for "secret room," and it's made from the local oaks that surround it.

The room is part of the artist's home, but he wanted to add a separate, single room library on the property that would serve as an intimate respite within the forest and provide an additional guest room. From the outside, it's mysterious—the exterior is painted black, giving off a striking, monolithic vibe against the landscape, especially when it snows. A hammock hands between trees, ready for reading on beautiful spring days

While the main residence was being constructed, several oak trees were cleared but used in building the cottage. It was built so that there would be a varied lining of shelving and cubbies on each wall, with room for a picture window opening up to the forest and a wood stove.

Inside it's cozy and inviting. You can loaf around in bed and watching the woods or you can reach up and pick a book off the shelves. According to Koxvold, the books are a mix of art books, military history, and novels. The property itself, which is just two hours from NYC and surrounded by thousands of acres of wild New York State parkland, has been featured in Dwell, Dezeen, Gestalten, and Architonic.

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