A beautiful town in Italy is hoping to lure new residents in by helping to pay their rent.

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A beautiful town in Italy is hoping to lure new residents in by helping to pay their rent.

Located in the southern region of Campania, this picturesque town will help get you settled in with two years worth of rental assistance.

A few years ago, a bunch of towns in Italy offered to sell their homes for one dollar to anyone who would move in and live there as  way to help boost their dwindling population. The program was a huge success and brought fresh blood to many impoverished communities. 

Inspired by their success, the town of Teodora on the southern region of Campania has come up with its own unique offer. If people move into their town, the government will put €150 per month (about $162) towards their rent for two years or pay €5,000 towards the purchase of the home.

All you need to do is agree to take up residence in Teora for three years and have at least one child when they apply. 

"I don't believe in selling empty houses for €1, that doesn't incentivize people to stay in town," Stefano Farina, the mayor of Teora, tells CNN.

"They just come a few months a year as holidaymakers. That's not the solution. But taking up residency and enrolling kids at the local school, that does breathe new life."

The region saw a tremendous drop in population following an earthquake in 1980 that caused most of its younger population to move away. Now roughly 2 children are born for every 20 elderly deaths.

"I want to invert this negative trend. Children are our future, new families will be the building blocks of our shrinking community, so we encourage those with more kids to apply."

Currently a rental here can cost as little as €200 per month, while 100-square-meter homes are on the market for just €30,000. It's a perfect area for people who love the outdoors, as the town rests on the Fiumicello tributary of the Ofanto river. Locals can admire the view while strolling along the various trekking routes that unwind along old shepherd trails.

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