A Scythian warrior woman was found buried with a treasure trove of artifacts

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A Scythian warrior woman was found buried with a treasure trove of artifacts

Among the items discovered was an intricately crafted golden comb

The Scythian people were a tribe of nomadic warriors native to Siberia who had fascinated archaeologists and anthropologists for generations. Scythian crafts were beautifully intricate and were often left as offerings in tombs of the dead. Because the culture was so widely traveled, Scythian burial mounds are found all over the countryside. Because of the care used in burying the dead and because of the permafrost in the region, many of these artifacts have been beautifully preserved.

One of the more interesting recent discoveries involves the warriors of the Scythian tribes. For years, archaeologists believed that the skeletons buried with weapons were men, but thanks to modern technological advancements, it has been proven that Scythian women were warriors too.


Many of these initial observations came from a team studying the burial mound of Maiden V in the Ostrogozhsky district of Voronezh region. Two women were found in the cave littered with iron weapons and arrows. The presence of these tools and other treasures suggests that the women were “Amazons”— fierce female warriors dating to the Scythian era among the Iranian-speaking nomadic and semi-nomadic tribes of Eastern Europe.

These findings correspond to a similiar gravesite found in Armenia of a warrior woman killed in battle. This points to a culture where everyone had to learn to defend themselves. As archaeologist continued excavating Scythian kurgans, which are proper term for the burial mounds, they discovered these people had built their culture around horsemanship, lived in small tribes, and they all were skilled survivalists. Testing done on the skeletons found revealed that many of the women suffered injuries from arrows and blades, suggesting a culture where women participated as warriors.


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