Americans who can afford to donate their stimulus checks are giving back to their community

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Americans who can afford to donate their stimulus checks are giving back to their community

An organization called Pledge My Check is encouraging people who can support themselves to help their community.

The stimulus checks has been a massive boon to people affected by the coronavirus lockdown. There have been a lot of people who lost their income during the quarantine and the stimulus check has helped to pay their bills and put food on their table. But there are also quite a few people who are either still able to work or have enough savings to support themselves.

Some of us are buying Nintendo Switches or other indulgences, but there are other people who are reinvesting into their community. A group of volunteers from Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina has created a movement called Pledge My Check, which is a website that encourages people to reinvest their stimulus checks into their community. So far $70,000 has been pledged from 129 people across 15 states.

“The idea is to encourage folks to pledge in a way that is life-giving to them and others,” said Jordan Bowman, who leads a local nonprofit organization. “There is complete freedom in how people pledge, but we are encouraging them to consider local causes and to be creative in how they can use this money to support their neighbors, nonprofits, and small businesses.”

One woman named Kirsten who donated $1,200 said: “My husband and I decided to donate 50% of our total checks. We’ve made monthly gifts to several organizations. These are: Heifer International, UNICEF, The Arts, and Science Center of South East Arkansas, Doctors Without Borders.”

Many of the funds are going to local organizations, including food banks that are in high demand during the pandemic.

“This project is all about bringing out the best in our communities,” commented project co-creator, Ryan O’Donnell. “When the stimulus checks were announced, I felt this was a simple way for people to help their neighbors.”

Lead project designer, Bethany Faulkner, added: “I’m fortunate to be in a stable financial situation. I wanted to help, and this stimulus check is an opportunity to redirect that vital financial support to those who need it most in our community.

“We built this tool to enable that and make it a community effort, even as we’re separated in our own homes.”

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