Australia's New South Wales free from wildfires after over 8 months.

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Australia's New South Wales free from wildfires after over 8 months.

The fires lasted over 240 days and caused untold damage to the environment and wildlife.

"For the first time since early July 2019, there is currently no active bush or grass fires in #NSW," tweeted New South Wales Rural Fire Service. "That's more than 240 days of fire activity for the state."

While the fires have been countrywide, the region of New South Wales have been the most effected. Since the fires started more than eight months ago, 28 people have died, around 3,000 homes destroyed, and over a billion animals killed, displaced, or otherwise effected. The fires raged for months before finally coming under control on February 13th. Now the fires are completely out. Much of the success in fighting the fires recently has been due to a massive rainstorm that helped contain the fires but also caused mudslides that made roads impassable.

The fire service's deputy commissioner Rob Rogers said it had been "a truly devastating fire season for both firefighters and residents, who've suffered through so much this season."

The blazes damaged World Heritage Areas, including the Blue Mountains and the Gondwana rainforests in New South Wales and Queensland, according to Australian authorities.

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