Did popular horror/sci-fi author Dean Koontz predict the Coronavirus?

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Did popular horror/sci-fi author Dean Koontz predict the Coronavirus?

Fans have noted the similarity between the disease and the "Wuhan-400" bioweapon from his novel "The Eyes of Darkness"

Every era of change and calamity has a doomsayer. From the millennial death cults of the 1000s to the Mayan calendars of doom and change to the apocalypse foretold in the Book of Revelations.

For the Coronavirus, we have horror/sci-fi author Dean Koontz.

The prolific author once wrote a book called "The Eyes of Darkness" where a mother tries to find her lost sun during an infestation of a bioweapon.

The weapon was said to have emerged from Wuhan, China and affect the lungs and bronchial system first. Known as the Wuhan-400 in the novel, it boasts a nearly 100% mortality rate, which is significantly higher than the Coronavirus.

Anyway, the internet found it and they're already making memes about it.

Even better, other people have found other spooooky connections, especially with this passage from one of "psychic" novelist Sylvia Brown's books.

Psychics aren't a real thing, by the way.

So, yeah, there's always going to be stories about doom and gloom. It's inevitable that some of them will link to real world disasters.

Unless Dean Koontz is an actual wizard. In that case, I need to chuck my Skeptic License in the trash and get a tinfoil hat.

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