Dogs and cats react to being told they're good boys.

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Dogs and cats react to being told they're good boys.

These sweet little angels are here to cheer you up during the quarantine

Dogs and cats are just so special, right? They're our friends, our pets, and our companions. Each one of them is just a precious little angel and we're lucky that we get to share our lives with them.

Which is what a person who likes pets would write in a feel-good piece of content. Not me. I'm not a big pet fan. They smell bad, they pee and poop on stuff, and they're expensive to maintain. And what do you get for all of that? You can't ever hold a conversation with them. They're not gonna get a job and help pay for their upkeep. And it's not like they're going to help you in your old age.

I'm told they're good companions when you're lonely and all, but I think people anthropomorphize animal behavior too much.

Anyway, y'all don't care about my crab apple opinions and honestly I'm just making word count. But I DO know people love photos of cute pets so I've got plenty of that for you.

These are dogs and cats and birds being told they're good boys.

Gross, right? I'm not a dog guy. Dogs are so needy and they're loud and smelly and you can't go five minutes without them demanding attention. If I did that, I'd have no friends and I'd probably need to be medicated. 

Anyway, I do like cats. They're little bastards and they don't care about you. They just want to be mean-spirited little goblins and to know that they run the house. 

This is what happens when you tell a bunch of cats (and one gnarly looking bird) that they're such darling good boys.

Each one of these cats is a precious and spiteful little beast and I love them all. And you cannot convince me otherwise.

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