Dogs have become a hot property after Spain's pandemic lockdown

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Dogs have become a hot property after Spain's pandemic lockdown

The only reason you're allowed to leave your home in Spain aside from emergency necessity is to walk your dog.

They say that owning a dog is actually good for your health because it forces you to go out of doors and get some exercise while walking your pet. Well, now you have another reason to own a dog: you can rent them to stir crazy people who need to get out of the house.

In Spain, the quarantine is so strict that you can only leave your house for essential services or to walk the dogs. What was once a chore has become such a relief to people that some enterprising dog owners are renting their dogs for short walks.

With numbers of cases spiralling, Spain on Saturday introduced a nationwide lockdown to try and curb the spread of the virus that has now infected more than 17,000 people, making it the fourth worst-hit nation in the world.

"You go out more often but for less time," says Luis Fe, a 49-year-old teacher walking Dara, his border collie, near a church in Madrid.   

Other dog owners are the same, he says: going out "just because they can, or because they are bored at home."

The lockdown is so strict that people have been renting their neighbor's dogs just to get out for a few minutes. 

People have already been making fun of this practice, posting memes of exhausted dogs saying, "You've taken me out 38 times already!"

The rules are simple. To walk a dog, it HAS to be a dog (people have tried walking pigs, cats, and other animals), you don't need a breath mask but you DO need to water down the spot the animal peed with detergent, they can only be walked as long as they need to attend to their bodily requirements, people on the street have to stay a meter apart, and dogs can't be taken off the leash. 

And, it goes without saying, children dressed as dogs don't count.

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