Donald Jr. spent $77,000 of taxpayer money for a trip to kill endangered sheep

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Donald Jr. spent $77,000 of taxpayer money for a trip to kill endangered sheep

During his trip to Mongolia, Donald Trump Jr. shot an argali and then the travel company arranged the permit after the killing was done.

Donald Trump Jr. is quite the outdoorsman, according to his instagram. When he's not writing edgelord books meant to "trigger" liberals, whatever that means, he's posting photos on his Instagram of his hunting expeditions. They're very dramatic photos of masculine endeavor.

And it turns out these glamour shots cost the taxpayers a tremendous amount of money.

The nonprofit group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington made a Freedom of Information Act to the Secret Service over a hunting trip Donald Junior took to Mongolia to hunt Argali sheep, an endangered animal prized by trophy hunters for its large horns. The President's son seemed to have a jolly old time, taking photos of his son in a yurt, of him on horseback, and of the group pursuing a flock of sheep. The experience seemed to touch Trump Jr, who referred to Mongolia in his instagram as an "incredibly pristine land."

This spiritual journey cost taxpayers $77,000 in Secret Service protection.

"The Secret Service provided documents in March revealing that the agency's cost for Trump's trip to bag a rare argali sheep was more than $17,000. But after additional Freedom of Information Act requests, officials turned over other documents that disclosed an additional $60,000 in spending," Mary Papenfuss wrote in the HuffPost.

The report adds, "The trip was arranged through a tourism company owned by a politically connected member of the Mongolian president's party, according to the watchdog group. The company helped Trump obtain a special permit to hunt the argali after he killed the animal." Hunting permits to kill one of these animals costs up to $170,000

These sort of excesses is nothing unusual. Trump has used his office to enrich his business holdings and hosted foreign dignitaries for government businesses at Mar-A-Lago.

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