Elvira performs a delightfully risqué song about caring for her Two Pumpkins

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Elvira performs a delightfully risqué song about caring for her Two Pumpkins

I don't think the song is actually about pumpkins.

There are few characters associated with Halloween that are as iconic as Elvira. Created by performer Cassandra Peterson, Elvira followed in the footsteps of Vampira and other movie maniacs to create a horror host as a bubbly chick whose huge . . . personality captured the imagination of generations of horror fans. The Mistress of the Dark has been active for generations as the official beer spokeswoman for Halloween, the horror host of dozens of godawful movies, starred in two memorably bad but fun movies, created a stage show at the annual Knott's Scary Farms, and sung many cheeky horror themed songs.

Interviewed by Broke Horror Fan , she talked about the creation of this video:

I’m really excited about that! The video is on YouTube right now. Fred Schneider from the B-52s, who has been a friend for many years, approached me with these ideas for two songs. He got all the production of that together. And then I approached my friend, Jack White. Jack and I have been friends for several years now. I approached him about putting it out on vinyl. His company, Third Man, was really excited about it, so they did that.

We actually tried to bring it out last year, and because of the printing the print of the vinyl it got really late. We decided to pull it and release this year so that we’ve have time for Halloween. It was almost going to be released on November 1 last year, which is really bad timing for songs called “2 Big Pumpkins” and “13 Nights of Halloween.”
While on the subject of music, you recently appeared in a Ryan Adams’ music video. Can you tell us what that experience was like?

Yeah, I just did Ryan Adam’s video called “Gimme Something Good.” It was awesome! We share the same account. It’s so funny, that’s how we met. Ryan asked me to do “Gimme Something Good,” and I asked as an exchanged, they could also film some footage for my video, “2 Big Pumpkins,” which he did. It was a perfect trade off. I think his video was awesome. it came out great. And he got me the little bit of footage I needed to give to Third Man to make the video for “2 Big Pumpkins.” All these rock stars helping me out, I love it! My favorite musicians, and here they are helping me - it’s incredible.

Watch the very suggestive video below.


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