'Halloween Ends' will bring a "very fun closure" to the Michael Myers story

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'Halloween Ends' will bring a "very fun closure" to the Michael Myers story

The film, which will follow the upcoming 'Halloween Kills', will end the horror trilogy.

Director David Gordon Green has big plans for Michael Myers and his eternal victim/nemesis Laurie Strode.

His film 'Halloween', released in 2018, was a direct sequel to John Carpenter's original horror masterpiece. It reunited Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle as killer and victim decades after the original film had taken place. Myers had spent decades in institutions as a true crime curiosity and Laurie Strode has remained ready for his inevitable escape, which has isolated her from her estranged family.

The movie was well-received, which means that the original proposed trilogy was given the go-ahead from Blumhouse features. The sequel, 'Halloween Kills' was unfortunately delayed to Halloween 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Bummer, but it's going to be a great film to see on the big screen.

Talking to Total Film, the director said while Halloween Kills deals with “a community that is united by outrage, and divided in how to deal with evil”, the third film would be a completely different beast entirely.

“[Halloween Ends is] a very different movie than Kills, and both Halloweens," Green says.

"The script feels very fun. For me, it was essential to say, ‘Here’s a conclusive episode to my trilogy.’ I’m trying to bring closure to my ‘Laurie Strode versus Michael Myers’ storytelling.”

“The cut is done,” Carpenter told IndieWire. “They’ll mix it in New York in the next week or so. Then it will be in the can. My work is all done.

“The movie is something else,” he teases. “It’s fun, intense and brutal, a slasher movie times one hundred, big time. It’s huge. I’ve never seen anything like this: the kill count!”


“If we release in October of this year [2020] as planned, we have to face the reality that the film would be consumed in a compromised theatrical experience,” he wrote.

However he promised that the “wild and vibrant production” was a “creative playground” that fans will find to be an “unexpected entry into this franchise”.


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