Helping others can make you happier, but the catch is in how you do it

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Helping others can make you happier, but the catch is in how you do it

This fascinating TED Talk about charity and happiness from researcher Elizabeth Dunn will make you rethink how you approach giving.

We know that helping others makes us happier, but Elizabeth Dunn illustrates that it matters how we do it. 


In her TED Talk "Helping others make us happier-but it matters how we do it," Dunn elaborates on how important it is to consciously choose the way in which we give to others. "Spending money helping others doesn't necessarily promote happiness. Instead, it matters how we do it. And if we want people to give more, we need to subvert the way we think about charitable giving."

Dunn is a happiness researcher, who discovers ways that people can optimize their use of time, money and technology in order to maximize their own happiness. During her TED Talk, she shares about her research, personal experience and gives beneficial advice for everyone, especially when addressing that "we're used to thinking about giving as something we should do. And it is. But in thinking about it this way, we're missing out on one of the best parts of being human: that we have evolved to find joy in helping others. Let's stop thinking about giving as just this moral obligation and start thinking of it as a source of pleasure."

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