Here are seven reasons why walking in the rain is good for you.

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Here are seven reasons why walking in the rain is good for you.

Nothing is as relaxing as enjoying a stroll in a gentle rainfall, but did you know that it has health benefits.

You know that sweet smell that you associate with rain in the woods. It's called Petrichor, and it was named by two Australian scientists in the 1960s.

The fragrance comes from a combination of chemicals released by soil-dwelling bacteria, oils released from plants during dry spells and ozone created when lightning splits oxygen and nitrogen molecules that then turn into nitric oxide.

Well Garden Soul has made a list of the benefits of walking in the rain. 

  • The smell of the rain refreshes the mind
  • The high humidity keeps the skin and hair moisturized, and being alkaline in nature, rain is great for the skin and scalp
  • Japanese researchers found that physical activities done in a cold, rainy weather burn more calories and fats than when done on a good day
  • While raining, droplets absorb dust and microbes, so the air is purified and cleaner
  • Walking in the rain makes one feel rebellious, so feel free to do it when you feel like you need to break a rule
  • A walk in the rain helps people see problems from another perspective
  • As fewer people go out in the rain, these walks give us a better sense of space, so our thoughts and emotions can roam free, and run wild.

So maybe instead of hiding indoors, please take a walk out in the world and enjoy a little air.

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