Horror artist Brian Coldrick captures the eerie feeling of monsters lurking just Behind You

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Horror artist Brian Coldrick captures the eerie feeling of monsters lurking just Behind You

Coldrick's webcomics captures that uncanny feeling you get when you feel like something is creeping up on you.

Ever have the feeling you were being watched? What about when you're sitting alone in an empty house and you get the weird feeling that something is creeping up on you?

Well, webcomic artist Brian Coldrick has captured that feeling in "Behind You," a series that illustrates the monsters that stalk the oblivious. These chilling little cartoons, often animated by the artist in gif form, capture a myriad of macabre menaces to stalk the unwary.

On his work, Coldrick said, "Around the time I started the Behind You stuff I had been reading lots of internet real life accounts of spooky happenings. Partly as some form of research for whatever I was about to start doing, but mainly as an indulgence. Generally most storytelling has some familiar format or beats in the narrative to be effective. This is by no means bad as these thing work but they can become recognizable and expected. I found a lot of the better spooky accounts to be formless and therefore exciting. Perhaps they’re not fully satisfying as a result but they can reach a strange no man’s land that can unsettle me far more than a well written formulaic ghost story.

As for my own stuff unnerving me, thankfully I tend to find them all cute or lovable by the time I’m done. Hopefully if I revisit some in 10 years I might be surprised by the things I’ve forgotten."

"When I started doing the series I had been reading lots of various creepy pastas and online real-life accounts of spooky encounters. I think a lot of the effective ones boiled down to a single encounter or setting, they left a lot up to the reader. Leaving a lot of the narrative up to the audience’s imagination has always been an effective trick in spooky stories. Each Behind You has a setting, a character and a creature, but the lead up to that point and what follows really depends on the viewer. The line of text adds one more thread without really revealing anything. Sometimes I can’t help but have wider stories build up in my head as I make them but sometimes I just like them as a starting point and don’t settle on one explanation. By leaving each one unresolved they become a frustrating (but enjoyable) unsolved puzzle."

They're darkly funny and delightful, recalling the best works of Charles Addams and Edward Gorey, and here are some of our favorites below. For more of his stuff, check out his Society6 page and his book .

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