Horror artist creates a face mask designed to look like the Facehugger from Alien

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Horror artist creates a face mask designed to look like the Facehugger from Alien

This creepy face mask by artist Lady Frankenstein will make sure people stay at least six feet away from you

One of the biggest problems facing people during the coronavirus pandemic is a lack of urgently needed personal protection masks. Because the virus is respiratory and passed through water vapor in breath, the masks help to stop the transmission from person to person. Unfortunately, the demand has become so intense that there aren't even enough for medical personnel. People have been forced to improvise with everything from bandannas to dust masks to other impromptu protectors.

Some other people have gotten very strange inspiration from the crisis and none are more wildly inventive than the Facehugger mask.


The artist, who goes by the name Lady Frankenstein, is a monster movie enthusiast who took inspiration from the film Alien. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the film, the Xenomorph monster in the film started out by punching through the chest of a human crew member onboard a spaceship. The human was "impregnated" after having the Facehugger latch onto him while he was exploring an alien world. It's one of the most horrifying scenes in science fiction and influenced a generation of monster lovers.

The mask has become so popular after going viral that Lady Frankenstein has desided to make more.

“My Facehugger mask is going viral around the world right now! I’m really flashed!” Lady Frankenstein writes on Facebook, her German filtered through a translation. “Without end requests if you can buy the mask! So I have decided to get about another time. Take 20 hours to make another Facehugger mask! An original Lady Frankenstein Facehugger mask for one / or one of you! She will be ready by Friday, then I’ll hire her on eBay! The rest will be in your hands!”


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