It's important to schedule some alone time, especially during this hectic holiday season

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It's important to schedule some alone time, especially during this hectic holiday season

It is critical for your mental health to take some time to rest and recuperate.

Everyone is big on self-care these days.

Life is tough in general and we've got a lot of things draining our attention and energy. We are not Energizer Bunnies that run forever, so it's good to take some time for yourself. So, self-care has become a thing online. 

According to Raphailia Michael, MA at psychcentral, self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. Self-care has been used to describe any kind of behavior centered around self-rejuvenation. Everything from exercise and positive habits to wild indulgent spending sprees has been called self-care. But you don't have to eat a whole cheesecake or bust your bank account. Sometimes all you need is just a little alone time.

Alone time is one of the most beneficial forms of self-care, after all — it’s been shown to improve mood, help us think more creatively and fuel our bodies with positive energy. Even extroverts sometimes need a little time to recharge and not feel responsible for other people.

Here are some real benefits to taking some alone time. 

Being alone will make you healthier

Our brains need recharging from time to time to help flush out the chemicals that stress produces. Anxiety, depression, and heart disease can threaten people who don't have relief from stress.

“Like a battery, your brain needs time to recharge,”said LaTasha Perkins, a family physician in Washington, D.C. “Some of this occurs during sleep, but conscious rest is necessary for the psychological reduction of bad stress.”

Alone time helps you reconnect with yourself

Living your day to day life will put stresses on your emotional and moral values. Stepping back from the rush of the world will allow you to reconnect with yourself, to turn off the sometimes competitive moods that can come from adversarial relationships with others, and to attend to your spiritual well-being.

Solitude sparks creativity, increases productivity, and helps you plan your life.

It's very hard to paint a painting in the middle of an office space, it's hard to set goals for your personal life while playing basketball, and it's hard to come up with a good life plan while getting drunk with friends. The things that matter most to us take time and focus, which can be hard to get when you're distracted.

Scheduling Alone Time

Now that I've sold you on the value of spending time by yourself, here are a few simple ways to claim that time for yourself.

First, actually schedule it. If you need the time, block off an evening all for yourself. It's not selfish to need a recharge and you do very little good to yourself and others not asking for what you need. Take a night, take a weekend, take a couple of days. It's okay to assert your needs.

Second, plan your time. Alone time is great but if you just spend your time watching TV all the time forever then you're just going to feel bad. Actually think about what you want to accomplish, even if it is just chilling out.

Third, log off. If your thing is social media, great, but a lot of people can find it adds as much stress as joy. Take a breath, ignore the notifications, and a have a good time.

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