Jamie Lee Curtis reacts to the delayed release of Halloween Kills

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Jamie Lee Curtis reacts to the delayed release of Halloween Kills

"It's the best decision, and that the film will be well worth the wait.

One of the best recent horror films was 1980s Halloween. This direct sequel to the original John Carpenter classic, the film captured the imagination of both young horror fans and people who grew up with the originals. Directed by David Gordon Green from a screenplay Green, Jeff Fradley, and comedian Danny McBride, the Blumhouse-produced horror film disregarded all the films that came after the first one and brought the story back to Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. Myers breaks out of an institution on Halloween night to face his former nemesis, whose lifetime of preparation has isolated her from her family.

The second film already has an incredible teaser trailer and was eagerly anticipated for the Halloween 2020 season. However, thanks to the spread of COVID-19, the film has been pushed back a full year. While many modern releases have been straight to digital download.

Fellow horror fans, I'm deeply bummed out as much as you are, but it's an act of public safety and first time experiences. But Jamie Lee Curtis, John Carpenter, and David Gordon Green took to Twitter to address this.


America's most famous scream queen has spoken. I do love watching a good horror movie in theater and I'd love to see Halloween Kills on a big IMAX screen and I'd really like to see the series end in the planned Halloween Ends film that will close out this trilogy.

"Moving the release date of Halloween Kills was such a tough decision. The entire cast and crew have been so excited to share it with the world. But, we all believe it's the right thing to do, as we want the film to be seen in the best format possible. I know that this will be disappointing for Halloween fans. We've always cherished their support and love for the franchise. We hope they'll agree that given the current circumstances, it's the best decision, and that the film will be well worth the wait."

Halloween Kills will bring back many members of the original Halloween cast, including Kyle Richards, Nancy Stephens, and Charles Cyphers, and will bring actors Anthony Michael Hall and Robert Longstreet will play adult version of Tommy Doyle and Lonnie Elam respectively. We've got some hints that some of these characters may not make it out alive.


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