Javicia Leslie, a Black bisexual woman, will take up the mantle of the Batwoman

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Javicia Leslie, a Black bisexual woman, will take up the mantle of the Batwoman

She will take over the role after actress and model Ruby Rose departed the role after one season

One of the most popular incarnations of DC Comic's iconic superheroes has been the so-called "Arrowverse," the series of CW televisions shows like Arrow, Supergirl, Black Lightning, Legends of Tomorrow, and The Flash. These shows share a shared universe that introduces characters and storylines between each other and one of the most anticipated shows had been Batwoman, a show about a gay woman who becomes a vigilante in Gotham City. The role was originally created by model and actress Ruby Rose but she left the show after a single season. The show had built up an enthusiastic fan base and many people were waiting to see who would don the cowl in the next season.

Well, Warner Brothers announced on Twitter that actress Javicia Leslie will star as Batwoman going forward.


She will be portraying Ryan Wilder, a woman whose ethics often clashed with the things she had to do to survive.

“Today Ryan lives in her van with her plant,” a press release describing the character explained. “A girl who would steal milk for an alley cat and could also kill you with her bare hands, Ryan is the most dangerous type of fighter: highly skilled and wildly undisciplined. An out lesbian. Athletic. Raw. Passionate. Fallible. And very much not your stereotypical All-American hero.”

Leslie's character will be the first Black LGBTQ to lead a superhero property. “I am extremely proud to be the first Black actress to play the iconic role of Batwoman on television, and as a bisexual woman, I am honored to join this groundbreaking show which has been such a trailblazer for the LGBTQ+ community,” the actor told THR.


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