May these creepy couples have a scarily ever after

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May these creepy couples have a scarily ever after

These horror themed weddings bring new meaning to "Death Do Us Part"

Weddings can be scary. Between lunatic levels of stress, crazy in-laws, and how gosh-darned expensive everything is, weddings can be more stress than satisfaction.

But what if you're a horror fan? Are you really going to be happy with a white wedding full of flowers and all that other boring crap? Well, here are some great photos of other couples doing scary weddings that might be right up your alley (or crypt)

There's actually a lot of creepy parts about traditional wedding rituals. For instance, do you know what the meaning behind bridesmaids actually is? It's not like a bride needs a bunch of other people doing stuff for them. Instead, they're supposed to wear similar clothing to the bride in order to confuse evil spirits that might want to take the bride away.

Wedding cakes also has a strange superstitious element to them. Originally bread was served at weddings. The groom would take a bite and crumble the rest over the bride's head. The crumbs were considered good luck and people would scramble to collect them from the bride's feet. This same belief extends to cake, where people would keep slices in their freezer for good luck.

Best men had a more violent role in weddings past. They weren't originally the groom's best friends or anything so gentle. Instead they were the biggest, strongest, most violent friend of the family who would keep the bride from escaping and would keep enemies at bay.

What about the wedding bouquet? Well, ancient Greek brides would carry clusters of herbs and spices—not flowers—to ward off evil spirits. That tiny bundle was thought to have magical powers. Thankfully, we’ve graduated from aromatic, herb-filled bouquets to ones filled with peonies and gardenias.

The wedding veils are one of the most important pieces of the bride's dress. Originally a symbol of modesty, the tradition has roots in an old Greek practice meant to ward off the evil eye and confuse the devils.

Another high point of a wedding is the honeymoon. After all, who doesn't want to spend a couple of weeks in Hawaii with their new life partner? But the origin comes from old traditions around the bride being stolen and kept hidden from rival tribes.

Spooky, huh? Some fun stuff to keep in mind when you plan your bloody Valentine Friday the 13th Halloween wedding.

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