Mexico plans to reopen different regions to tourists over the summer

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Mexico plans to reopen different regions to tourists over the summer

Regions like Cabo, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta are discussing opening their resorts by June or July.

There has been some controversy around Mexico's treatment of the coronavirus pandemic, boht in terms of underreporting numbers and in the way that health services have responded to the outbreak. Despite that, the country is looking forward to better days ahead and is planning the post-COVID 19 recovery.

Despite this, there have been many regions in the country that were virtually untouched by the pandemic. The plan is to reopen segments of Mexico region by regio, based on the number of reported cases. 300 municipalities, called "municipalities of hope" have already reopened.

Cancun, Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, and other tourism hot spots are discussing re-opening hotels in June or July, with things returning to normal by the end of the summer.

The next step is for the airlines to begin servicing again. Delta Airlines is planning daily flights Cancun and Mexico City from Atlanta starting in June. Southwest will follow suit.

Before anyone gets too excited, there will still be rules and restrictions in place. San Miguel de Allende is planning to reopen, but there will be protections in place. “The plan is to establish checkpoints at every road of entry, requiring anyone arriving in the city to register with the local health department, providing names and lengths of stay, and submitting to a temperature check.”

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