Michael Keaton will return as Batman in the upcoming Flash movie will fix an old plot hole from Batman Returns

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Michael Keaton will return as Batman in the upcoming Flash movie will fix an old plot hole from Batman Returns

The great unsolved plot point from the past: was Batman a murderer?

Michael Keaton has been in talks to appear in the upcoming DC film based on the Flash and his presence may help resolve one of the biggest plot holes of the Tim Burton Batman films.

The storyline will follow Flashpoint, one of the greatest stories in the Flash canon. In it, the speedster's abilities distort reality and we see many strange alternative dimensions, including one where Bruce Wayne died as a child and his father became Batman and his mother became the Joker. The upcoming Flash film will adapt a similar story, and Michael Keaton is in discussions to return to his role as the Dark Knight.

This news has caused fans to speculate, including the people over at Screen Rant about whether or not this will be the opportunity to fix an old plot hole from Batman Returns, specifically the death of the Ice Princess. Murdered by the Penguin who frames Batman for the crime, the moment is not addressed later on in the film.

From ScreenRant :

Catwoman had assisted in setting up Batman, but even she was taken aback when the Ice Princess fell to her death, saying to The Penguin "You said you were going to scare The Ice Princess." Though Selina Kyle has chosen to continue her life of crime by the end of the film, her love of Bruce Wayne could plausibly have compelled her to anonymously provide evidence of Batman's innocence to the Gotham City Police, such as the Penguin's blueprint of the Batmobile. Clearing Batman of killing the Ice Princess would likely be harder, especially with The Penguin using a Batarang to kidnap her and leaving it at the crime scene, and it may even work for The Flash to run with this Batman having never been exonerated for her murder.

The Flash may have once been stuck in suspended animation, but it has now emerged as possibly the biggest wildcard in the DC stable. Indeed, with its time-travel and Multiverse components, The Flash could become a monumentally significant film in the DCEU's upcoming slate. At the same time, it also has the added bonus of being the only movie that can provide an answer to the most lasting loose end that Batman Returns never tied up.

So what do you think? Is this something you'd like to see or is it just a plot hole from 30 years ago that no one is gonna care about?


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