NYC cancels the 47th annual Village Halloween parade this year

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NYC cancels the 47th annual Village Halloween parade this year

The iconic parade, which has run for almost 50 years, is being shut down due to safety concerns around COVID-19

One of the greatest pleasures I've gotten out of living in New York City has been the chance to participate in the annual Village Halloween Parade. The tradition started nearly 50 years ago as revelers from one of the city's most iconic neighborhoods threw a massive street parade, which eventually became an annual tradition. The city's most creative minds let their spooky side come out and it's an opportunity to see some of the most frightening and delightful sights for the Halloween season.

Unfortunately due to concerns about the COVID-19, officials have decided to cancel the Halloween parade.

“Billy Porter was going to be the grand marshall, and the theme was going to be ‘Big Love,'” said parade director Jeanne Fleming.

“It was going to be a big embrace and a pushing out of love right before the election.”

“We just couldn’t do it online — it’s way too expensive,” she said.

The decision was made even harder by the timing.

“It not only is a Saturday night — it’s a full moon, a blue moon,” Fleming said.

“And it’s a few days before the election. And usually on a Saturday night there will be 80,000 people marching. It happens every seven years on a Saturday night.

“So it’s a devastating blow to the energy of the people. It’s not political in any way — it’s about the creativity of New Yorkers.”

But all hope isn't lost. The organizers are planning something special and no, it won’t be virtual.

Fleming instead said that it will be “COVID safe, and big, but not gathering a crowd.” She also told the Post that “spiritually, people need it right now. People are so hungry for the live experience.”

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