One Million Moms is going after Hallmark for their LGBTQ+ characters in new Christmas movies.

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One Million Moms is going after Hallmark for their LGBTQ+ characters in new Christmas movies.

The organization, which has long opposed LGBTQ+ rights, first took on the Hallmark channel in 2019 over a same sex kiss.

People LOVE Hallmark Christmas movies. These not-so-guilty pleasures are gentle love stories set against a holiday backdrop, often with tropes a-plenty, appeal to even the most jaded and cynical among us. Many people list Hallmark Christmas movies as a guilty pleasure, and why not? They're simple, fun stories with cheesy production values, cliches galore, and happy endings aplenty. No how much of a savvy, sophisticated viewer you are, the saccharine sweetness of the average Hallmark Christmas movie is gonna catch you every time.

Well, the Hallmark channel is doing its part to bring a little holiday optimism to a truly awful 2020. They announced that the Hallmark Channel will air 23 new holiday movies this year, with an additional 17 on their Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel. And homophobic religious organization One Million Moms has a problem with them.

This isn't the first time One Million Moms had beef with the Hallmark channel. In 2019 they protested the channel over a commercial featuring a same-sex kiss. This year, the channel announced that there would be LGBTQ+ storylines in their movies. Online bigots being what they are, they started criticizing the network's plans, which prompted vice president of network publicity for Crown Media Family (Hallmark's parent company) George Zaralidis to release this statement (via IndieWire):

"Diversity and inclusion is a top priority for us and we look forward to making some exciting programming announcements in the coming months, including announcements about projects featuring LGBTQ storylines, characters, and actors. We are committed to creating a Hallmark experience where everyone feels welcome."

So One Million Mom started a petition (which we won't link to because screw them) stating that "so many people feel betrayed by Hallmark over these past seven months," claiming that families can't watch "without being bombarded by politically correct commercials and the LGBTQ agenda." The petition cites a Bible verse and declaring that they'd be boycotting the Hallmark Channel, Hallmark wrapping paper, greeting cards, and Christmas ornaments.

According to the One Million Moms website, the organization began to "give moms an impact with the decision-makers and let them know we are upset with the messages they are sending our children and the values (or lack of them) they are pushing," and claims the cancellation of Lucifer as one of its "successes."

So that's their deal. For the rest of us, who live in the 21st century, we can cuddle up and play our favorite Hallmark Movie Drinking Game.

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