One of the most haunted homes in the country resides on the Jersey Shore

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One of the most haunted homes in the country resides on the Jersey Shore

Burrowe’s Mansion in Matawan, Monmouth County, was featured in an episode of Ghost Nation.

One of the great historical treasures of the state of New Jersey is also supposedly one of the most haunted.

The nearly-300 year old Burrowe’s Mansion, which predates the founding of our country, was built in 1723. It was originally purchased by one Major John Burrowe. The region itself became a flashpoint for conflict during the Revolutionary War. The story goes that one day a group of British soldiers stormed the house looking for the major. He'd already departed at the time, but his wife Margaret Burrowe blocked the doorway, saying, "I’ll not give my shawl or anything in this house to the British."

One of the soldiers struck her with his sword hilt, giving the woman a wound that possibly killed her. The soldiers then took the family's furniture to the front yard and burned it, but the house survived thanks to the intervention of the neighbors. During later raids on the house looking for Burrowe, the British suspected that he was hiding in the ceiling and fired musket blasts into the roof of the house, which can still be seen to this day.

According to the legend, the ghost of Margaret. Burrowe still haunted the house to this day, looking to keep invaders away fro her home. EVP recordings have heard statements like "Be gone," "Are you the Corn King (John Burrowe's supposed nickname)," or "Your son is dead."

The show was featured on Ghost Nation and “Ghost Detectives” where they allegedly contacting the spirit of Margaret Burrowe on the staircase. The site is now home of the Matawan Historical Society, who have hosted ghost tours in the past.

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