Pigs are as smart as dog, so why do we eat them.

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Pigs are as smart as dog, so why do we eat them.

We need to rethink our consumption habits.

We love dogs because they're smart, sweet, beautiful, and loyal. But can you imagine dogs being shoved into tiny, filthy cages, overfed, castrated, have their puppies taken from them, and getting slaughtered?

That's what happens to pigs.

Time and time again, pigs are shown to have high intelligence. From the study Thinking Pigs: A Comparative Review of Cognition, Emotion, and Personality in Sus domesticus :

While relatively little is known about the psychology of domestic pigs, what is known suggests that pigs are cognitively complex and share many traits with animals whom we consider intelligent. We summarize and discuss several areas of comparative psychology, including nonsocial and social cognition, self-awareness, emotion, and personality.

Pigs have been compared to human toddler levels of intelligence, but the factory farming industry is incredibly inhumane. In fact, many people who have experienced factory farming often change their dietary habits.

This month on Vox, their Future Perfect podcast covers this issue. This episode, called The Paradox on Our Plates, features a conversation with Lori Marino, a neuroscientist who studies animal behavior and intelligence, to try to understand this paradox on our plates.


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