School sends students to meditation instead of detention and the discipline rates drop!

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School sends students to meditation instead of detention and the discipline rates drop!

Instead of sending kids to detention or suspending them, kids are being sent to a Mindful Moment for a brief meditation break.

I dunno about the rest of you good kids, but I spent about half my childhood in detention. It gave me a lot of time to do homework that I didn't do, but it probably wasn't the most effective method of discipline to use on most kids. Well, there's a school in Baltimore that sends their kids into meditation practice rather than kiddy jail. 




Robert W. Coleman Elementary School in Baltimore partnered with the Holistic Life Foundation to bring Mindful Moments to the school. 

Children who misbehave are sent to the Mindful Moment Room, where adults have trained to deal with the stress and anxiety that lead to bad behavior. Kids are also welcome to visit the room whenever they wish. There, the teachers would engage in a five minute discussion of the issues, followed by a 15 minute guided meditation. 


Meditation moment                    


The school also plays a Mindful Moment audio at the start and the end of the day, to enter and leave school in the right headspace. It is also become a valuable way to teach kids how to deal with stressors in their day to day life. 

Since the program has started, the school hasn't had to suspend any students and disciplinary issues have dropped significantly. The employees that work at the school have described the program as helping some of the more troubled and traumatized students settle down. 

The program has been so successful that nearby Patterson Park High School has begun using this program, which has seen a major decrease in suspension. 

So next time you wanna discipline a classroom full of loud unruly kids, maybe try to calm their mind and help them find the calm voice inside. Just don't let them sit next to their friends otherwise it's just gonna be loud again. 


Quiet moment                           

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