Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart help send 1 million vegan burgers to health care workers

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Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart help send 1 million vegan burgers to health care workers

The rapper has partnered with Beyond Meat to help spread the vegan alternative to the public

Beyond Meat, the company responsible for the success of the vegan meat alternative Beyond Burgers, has created a campaign called Feed A Million+, aimed at getting food to hospitals and other frontline workers in the struggle against the coronavirus pandemic. Snoop Dogg, who has partnered with the company, has helped with the campaign, has donated burgers to Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital in Southern Los Angeles.

Comedian Kevin Hart joined in the campaign. Northridge Hospital Medical Center in California. In a video on Instagram, Hart said: “I want to give a shout-out to my partners in crime over there at Beyond Meat. You guys are unbelievable, feeding over a million people right now through these crazy times is a must. I love the fact that you’ve stepped up and I want to do my part as your partner, I want to step-up as well.”

Beyond Meat's campaign has been well-received by grateful medical personnel. On another post, the company reps said, “We are dedicated to making sure those who need it most right now have access to a good, nourishing meal at no cost.

“Our community of employees, ambassadors, and friends are coming together to help us donate and distribute over one million Beyond Burgers.

“Our goal has always been to use food as a vehicle for change, and we’re fortunate to be in a position to put that into action now like never before.”

There are a lot of places where the vegan company has let aid. Partnering with the San Francisco-based food delivery app DoorDash, Beyond Burgers are delivered for free to people in New York and Los Angeles, both places where the coronavirus has hit the hardest. Billie Eilish's mother Maggie Baird has sent more vegan food to medical workers, and has created Support and Feed, a partnership between plant based restaurants to get food to medical workers and vulnerable people.

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