The a cappella group VoicePlay brings This Is Halloween to life

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The a cappella group VoicePlay brings This Is Halloween to life

This deliciously devilish adaption brings the citizens of Halloween Town to life.

For those of us who love all things spooky, Halloween is our favorite time of the year. It's a night of ghost stories and goblins and scary monsters and super creeps, and it rivals Christmas as the most popular day of the year. Unfortunately it never had the same attention as Christmas and there are very few songs to celebrate the season.

That is, until The Nightmare Before Christmas was released. This musical phantasmagoria brought memorable characters and delightful songs to life, thanks to the imagination of Tim Burton and composer/singer Danny Elfman. One of the standout songs is "This Is Halloween," an ensemble song where the scary citizens of Halloween Town introduce themselves to the audience.

A Capella group VoicePlay has taken a crack at the timeless tune with a beautifully filmed performance. The group, comprised of vocalists Earl Elkins, Jr, Eli Jacobson, J.None, Geoff Castellucci, Layne Stein, turns the song into a fun tribute to the original film.

From their website

Based in Orlando, FL, VoicePlay performs their own unique brand of entertainment across the country and around the world.
The cast of VoicePlay has taken the timeless sound of vocal music and turned it completely on its head. Their performance ping-pongs between eras and styles, channeling the breadth of the musical landscape, and lacing it with inventive and often hilarious on-stage theatrics.

Fit for all ages, VoicePlay’s recordings and concerts are an impossible to miss hit, which have to be heard to be believed.

Check out their performance below. Merry Halloween!

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