This humble Canadian horror film just became a surprise hit on Netflix

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This humble Canadian horror film just became a surprise hit on Netflix

A new film by one of the directors of the cult film 'Grave Encounters' has gotten a lot of attention among horror fans.

A new indie Canadian horror film has been rocketing up the charts on Netflix. Titled 'What Keeps You Alive,' it's a chilly horror film about how little we actually know about the people we're close to. The film was directed by Colin Minihan, who horror fans might recognize as one of the Vicious Brothers, creators of the cult flicks 'Grave Encounters' and its sequel.

'What Keeps you Alive' had its debut at South by Southwest in 2018, it was reviewed at's by Monica Castillo, who called it a "tense thriller," noting that "Minihan's stylish film taps into our deepest fear as women, queer folks, or survivors of domestic abuse ... [What Keeps You Alive is] effectively eerie and unnerving." It was then picked up by IFC Midnight and saw a limited theatrical run in New York and Los Angeles. The film made its way to Netflix where it is finding an audience.

I'm watching it right now and it's incredible. Go check it out.

From Looper :

Jackie (Anderson) and Jules (Allen) are only getting started with their romantic getaway when they're surprised by a visit from Sarah (Martha MacIsaac), an old friend of Jackie's. This friend appears to have an odd quirk: Calling Jackie by another name, "Megan," which understandably rouses suspicion in Jules. Jackie explains that she changed her name when she was younger, but doesn't satisfactorily explain why, so Jules pays Sarah and her husband Dan (Joey Klein) a visit.

According to Sarah, Jackie/Megan went through with changing her name because of an incident from her childhood in which a young girl, a mutual friend named Jenny, drowned in the lake upon which their cabin sits. Although cleared of any wrongdoing, Sarah implies that "Jackie" had never been quite the same since. Thinking it odd that Jackie had never mentioned this incident, Jules confronts her wife, who explains that she had always felt responsible for Jenny's death, which was the reason for the name change. Jules comforts Jackie, and the two set off for a comforting walk through the woods.

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