This January was the hottest in recorded history

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This January was the hottest in recorded history

This is just another frightening indicator of how rapidly the climate crisis is accelerating.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, this January was the hottest in recorded history.

The temperature across land and ocean surfaces in January was the highest in NOAA’s 141 years of climate records, surpassing the 20th-century average of 53.6 degrees Fahrenheit by 2.05 degrees Fahrenheit. This continues a disturbing trend, as the highest temperatures in recorded history have been consistently rising since 2016.

Russia, Scandinavia and eastern Canada experienced the most dramatic warmer-than-usual conditions last month, while Alaska and western Canada reported cooler than usual temperatures.

This combines with the rapid rate that the Arctic glaciers have been shrinking and a research station in Antarctica reporting temperatures at 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

The hottest January after the second-hottest year on record “is one of those indications that things are warming dramatically,” said University of Illinois climate scientist Don Wuebbles.

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