Thundercats fans recreate the shows iconic opening in brilliant CGI

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Thundercats fans recreate the shows iconic opening in brilliant CGI

The show's devoted fans brought the characters to life in this amazing recreation.

For children who grew up in the 1980s, the Thundercats holds a special place in their hearts. The combination of stellar animation and sophisticated storytelling made livelong fans of the kids who grew up on the adventures of Lion-O, Cheetara, Snarf, Pathro, and others as they battle the ancient evil of Mumm-Ra. The show recently had a remake called "Thundercats Roar" that introduces the characters to a new generation fo fans in a cartoonier and more kid-friendly version of the characters based around modern CalArts-style animation.

YouTuber Mike Booth has created a reimagining of the original show's opening sequence in brilliant CGI. Compared to other recent cat-related CGI properties, the animation in this video is clean and incredible. This video is an incredible tribute to the love of the original Thundercats show.

"Earlier this year, I thought I'd have a go at learning how to use 3D animation software, really just so I could do some simple effects in my films... but I got a little bit carried away," Booth writes in the video's description. "The ThunderCats have been a love of mine since I can remember and the intro is something I thought would be a fun challenge to recreate and keep my interest while I was learning the software. I've got no plans to make anything else like this... for a few years, at least. I will at some point make a ThunderCats short film, but I'll wait until the software reaches a point where I can film a performance on my camera and just drag and drop it onto my 3D characters."

Watch the video below. Thundercats HO!

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