Watch Elvira's hilarious interview with comedy icon Joan Rivers

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Watch Elvira's hilarious interview with comedy icon Joan Rivers

The two comedy queens discuss their careers, their taste in men, and Elvira's huge "assets"

In the 1980s Elvira was on top of the world. Her syndicated TV show played every weekend across America, her face graced movies and comic books and magazines, and her licensed Halloween costume was the number one costume in America. The Mistress of the Dark was an icon and she became Halloween's mascot.

It would be only a matter of time before she wound up chatting with Joan Rivers on the Tonight Show.

Originally a comedy writer and stand-up, Joan Alexandra Molinsky was catapulted to fame after finding herself on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, where she made a record-setting 100 appearances on the couch thanks to her rapport with the host. For a very brief stretch in the 1980s Joan Rivers had the Tonight Show opposite Johnny Carson. It made her the first woman to host a late night comedy special, but it ended her friendship with the host. Still, it helped cement her reputation as a bright, brassy star that would bring her charm and comedy chops to all aspects of Hollywood life.

In this memorable interview, Joan Rivers brought Elvira on her show for their Halloween episode. Elvira is able to keep up with the sharp-witted host as Cassandra Peterson (the actress underneath the black dress and heavy make-up) has been working in show business since her adolescence, working as a Las Vegas showgirl before creating Elvira while working in the Los Angeles Improvisational trope the Groundlings.

In addition, this interview comes with a special guest. Pee-Wee Herman himself drops in to share a few jokes with his old Groundling friend.

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