We love this live action remake of "This is Halloween"

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We love this live action remake of "This is Halloween"

Model/actress The Lea Factor made this incredible tribute to a holiday classic.

"This is Halloween" is one of the most beloved songs for every fan of the beautifully weird. Originally written by composer Danny Elfman for Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas," this song introduces us to the magical inhabitants of Halloween Town and the many monsters that call it home. Ghosts, goblins, creatures, and impossible terrors greet the viewer in this jaunty ensemble tune before the town sings the praises of their very own Pumpkin King. It's a fun, frightening gothic ditty and it has inspired dozens of remakes, including a famous cover by shock rocker Marilyn Manson.

YouTube model/actress The Lea Factor has created her own performance of the song, a sexy and imaginative rendition where her, her friends, and a very cute little black cat lip sync the song. It's visually impressive and a lot of fun to watch. In discussing her work, she said, " I truly couldn’t have done it without all their help. Thank you, everyone!

We all worked so hard to create this, so If you like it, please share the video! My ultimate goal is for Tim Burton to eventually see it! 😄

And remember... Think for Yourself, Use your Head, and Learn Something New!"


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