Wild animals walk city streets around the world as people stay indoors

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Wild animals walk city streets around the world as people stay indoors

Major metropolitan areas are seeing wildlife exploring empty streets.

There are sika deer wandering empty train stations in Nara, Japan. Wild boar are traveling the streets of Barcelona. Oakland, California has seen groups of wild turkeys strutting the pavement, while a puma has reclaimed the center of town in Puma and strutted around like it owned the place.


"This is the habitat they once had and that we've taken away from them," said Marcelo Giagnoni, the head of Chile's agricultural and livestock service who helped capture the puma.


Free of human interference and no longer pushed away by noise pollution, animals have been taking back the world that once exclusively belonged to them.

As hunting season has been called off in many places, animals are breeding in great numbers and we will see a big influx of new animals over time.


British ornithologist David Lindo, who is known as the "Urban Birder", has been tweeting and livestreaming birds he spots from the roof of the building in Spain where he has been quarantined.

"The sky is a great arena, anything can fly past and, at the very least, it will give you peace. My message is simple: keep looking up," he told his new-found followers.

As the plants and animals replenish in the world, this shows what kind of impact our presence has on the natural world.


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