X-Men fans petition Marvel to cast trans icon Dominique Jackson to star as Storm

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X-Men fans petition Marvel to cast trans icon Dominique Jackson to star as Storm

Jackson tweeted to her fans 'Thank you all 4 making my day'

After the last X-Men film, 2019's Dark Phoenix, performed well below expectations, future X-Men films were put on the backburner as Marvel tries to figure out what to do with the characters going forward. At this transitional time, fans have been excitedly imagining future casting opportunities for their favorite heroes.

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One of the most popular characters, Storm, has legions of admirers and many of them have a fantastic casting choice for her; Dominique Jackson, Pose star and transgender activist. Her regal bearing and razorblade cheekbones would be a perfect fit for bringing the stormslinger to life. Fans are so excited that they've even started a Change.org petition to bring her to the attention of the studio.




For her part, Jackson is thrilled by the surge in interest. She wrote, “Its not even about if Marvel sees this, but just knowing that you are valued is what is important and makes us all feel human and respected as a part of community and society!” she wrote on Instagram. “So I implore you, as you uplift and empower me so should you uplift and empower those around you who worry every day if it could be their last.”


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